Retro Button: Endless sounds from the arcade gaming era!

8-bit Sounds Heaven

Did you miss laser guns and beams of total annihilation? How about 8-bit magic spells and hyper power-ups?

The Retro Button brings back memories from your favorite old video games that thrilled many generations of gamers.


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A Ton of Sounds

Powered by the specialized Game Audio Team “SoundFellas” and their collection titled “Retro SFX Reloaded”, Retro Button is full of premium old-school sound effects, including power ups, lasers, plasma guns, game overs, pick-ups, jumps and many more 8-bit noises. The only thing you need to do is… to press the button.

A priceless piece of retro memories always with you.

Again and again

Press the button again and again, you will never hear the same sound!

Beneath this simple looking app, a clever algorithm changes sounds as they play, making sure that you will never-ever hear the exact same sound again, well, at least not for the next years.



Just press the button

We made this application with love for the unforgettable era of retro arcade gaming. We know that you’ll love it, as much as we do!

So what are you waiting? Get is now and release a sonic typhoon of endless retro sounds whatever you feel like it!

Go! Get!

Vintage sounds in a modern gadget!

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No excuses, get the Retro Button now!