YogaDJ is Discontinued


After many years of development and some cool experiences from our users, we officially announce the discontinuing of support for the YogaDJ app on iOS.

For those not familiar with it, YogaDJ was a premium application for mobile (on iOS) that offered a solution for all those who practice meditation or want to relax in a calm acoustic environment. By using a procedural audio engine, YogaDJ offered never-repeating listening experience of meditation environments.

This decision came after much thought, as we plan on moving on game development and advance the technologies of our tools and products.

Therefore, the old YogaDJ app will stay on the store for as long as Apple supports it for updates and downloading will be available for current customers.

As we look into the future, expect to see the procedural audio engine of YogaDJ on forthcoming products that will fuse VR and AR on new and enhanced meditation experiences.

To all the users or YogaDJ, we want to say a big thank you!

About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis Kouvelis is a creative media consultant, producer, educator and instructional designer, who loves sound design, science and martial arts. He is also the founder of the creative media company MediaFlake Ltd and its divisions, the SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs and the Blueface Games Interactive Entertainment Software House.