DMDJ can scan your iTunes uploaded playlists and import them for use within your sessions.

Be sure to follow the steps and all the details on the instructions in order to have good organization within the app.

Follow the steps bellow to be able to enjoy your custom music playlists within DMDJ.

First open iTunes in order to organize your playlists for DMDJ.


Now proceed and add a new playlist. Make sure to name your playlist on the following scheme: “DMDJMusic_whatevernameyoulike”. DMDJ will import any playlist that starts its name with “DMDJMusic_”, don’t forget the underscore, and will show them to your User’s Music Tab.


After that import or drag some songs in your playlist.


Now proceed and sync your iTunes with your device.


After syncing your device, you can close iTunes and unplug your device form your computer. Now open DMDJ and go to Edit Mode –> Actions.


From that menu, choose “Refresh User’s Content”.


DMDJ will scan your playlists that are named with “DMDJMusic_” on the start of their title and will import them into its User Music Lists. After scanning, DMDJ will prompt you for confirmation of the importing process. Just select “Yes”.


Now when you navigate to your “Music Screen” and press the “User” tab, you will see your playlists there.


When you choose your preferred playlist, you will be presented with the same playlist selector in order to be able to playback your music with or without the environmental sounds.


And to get you started with energy in order to start organizing your music for the next session, here is a picture of a happy dog…


Look how happy he is, owning a thing and everything!

For more information on using DMDJ please check out the User Manual.

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