Our sound designer and high priest of unholy soundscapes, Antonis Koutelias, compiled a list of all of DMDJ‘s Cthulhu mythos based environmental presets.

If you are sure that the Old Ones favor you, then gather your courage and add them to your next campaign!

Those unholy atmospheres can also be used for productivity or a peaceful sleep if you are a demon or an unholy spirit trapped on this earth…

Our favorite Cthulhu atmospheres

So, here goes our selection, with the soundscapes listed under each category on the app.


  • Mountains of Madness
  • Verdant Hills of Vermont


  • Arkham Cemetery
  • Innsmouth
  • Innsmouth Port


  • Altar of the Great Messenger
  • Arkham Sanitarium
  • Den of the Yith Cult
  • Disused Fane of Azathoth
  • Reanimator Basement
  • Rlyeh
  • Sanctum of Shub-Niggurath
  • The Marsh Refinery
  • The Rats in the Walls
  • The Whisperer

How to access the sounds

If you own DMDJ, then go to the app and select the respective categories. The sounds should be listed inside in alphabetical order together with the rest. You can add them to your favorites list and use them fast in your next Cthulhu campaign.

If you don’t own DMDJ, what are you waiting? It’s a one time payment with no hidden purchases, no subscriptions, no advertising and a vast amount of atmospheres, sound effects and music tracks, right at your disposal! Did I mentioned that it also features a sophisticated system of dice including making your own and adding sound effects to each side? So every time you roll, you can hear the result and give the chills to your player’s spines!


The excellent tentacles featured in the visuals of this page are from the Deviant Art member Roy3D. Thanks for the awesome assets!

Panagiotis Kouvelis

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Panagiotis is the founder and leader of Blueface Games. With a background in computer media programming, creative media production and sound design, he leads our projects from ideation to finalization and beyond.