Another update for your favorite atmosphere maker is coming your way!

DMDJ is updated to v1.7, and a minor plus version v1.7.1 for some platforms. Read below for the update features per platform.

iOS Features

  • DMDJ now supports 64-bit for iOS, bringing you better performance and optimized resources handling.
  • The nasty bug in which the user’s music didn’t load properly in snapshots is fixed. Thanks to our community for pointing out the bug!

Android Features through Google Play Store

  • User now has the ability to import his music files and use them from within DMDJ.

Android Features through Amazon Appstore

  • User now has the ability to import his music files and use them from within DMDJ.
  • We optimized the audio content achieving 25% less size (both in app size and memory usage).

And more!

We also created a new online manual, explaining all the features of DMDJ and offering some tips for best use. This manual together with our new blog will offer a better experience on learning and using DMDJ.

As always, great features, steadily added, with no ads, no subscription and no in-app purchases.

Show us your love by rating DMDJ and don’t forget to contact us at our official support page, with any questions or cool suggestions.

So what are you waiting?

Get DMDJ for iOS or DMDJ for Android at Google Play or DMDJ for Android at Amazon now and change your sessions forever!

Panagiotis Kouvelis

About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis is the founder and leader of Blueface Games. With a background in computer media programming, creative media production and sound design, he leads our projects from ideation to finalization and beyond.