We already know that DMDJ is used to augment your storytelling in new and interesting ways every day.

But some of the fan mails that we get suggest some clever and fun uses of DMDJ to augment our everyday lives.

Here is a short list of some of those great ideas, feel free to share with us your own through our Official Customer Portal!

  • Use DMDJ to enhance a business presentations. Playback a calm preset from the Nature category to create a nice environment in which you present your ideas to your colleagues.
  • Put one or two old speakers on your yard and connect DMDJ when it’s Halloween (or Los Dias de los Muertos, etc). Playback a haunted presets from our vast list of Environments and watch from the window as every visitor approaches scared at your door step. Finish with a great costume and slow opening of the door!
  • Having a meditation session or a relaxing period of contemplation? How about working and want to stay focused? Try some of our Nature settings at DMDJ.
  • You don’t need to be a fully professional storyteller, you can use DMDJ when you are telling a story to your kids. Pick up your favorite story book and prepare from home as you choose favorite presets, setting the atmosphere for each chapter, saving the music that you like to include and saving your favorite sound effects for the key point of the story. Don’t be an antagonistic parent, you are a team of awesome parents and you know it! Team up as one reads and the other handles DMDJ for the ultimate experience. You can even take your project on school and be the best storyteller around, only take precaution, our sounds are pretty realistic, so be careful of what you play for the kids. As a good fan pointed on Acirema Mountain, a dragon roar can scare away the little ones!

Those are some of the most interesting uses that our fans sent us on the mail.

Don’t be shy, say hi, and share with us¬†interesting ways that you used DMDJ!

Panagiotis Kouvelis

About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis is the founder and leader of Blueface Games. With a background in computer media programming, creative media production and sound design, he leads our projects from ideation to finalization and beyond.