DMDJ: The Ultimate Storytelling Experience!

Hearing is Believing

Enhance your Pen & Paper RPG sessions with this unique sophisticated environmental sound synthesizer. It’s a fact that without sound, even the strongest storyteller cannot immerse his audience easily into another world.

Tell you stories with immersive sound surrounding your audience and enhancing the experience. From environmental atmospheres to superb monster sound effects, we got you covered.

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Get DMDJ and change your sessions forever!


A Ton of Sounds

Use endless content to create the perfect soundtrack for your stories. All easily set under your fingertips with a fast and intuitive interface.

Stop using simple loop players and music players. Use DMDJ, a real-time immersive sound synthesizer, that generates environments by using layers upon layers of sound, dynamically generated and mixed according to your preferences.

Adaptive Audio

Under the hood, a real time sound synthesizer takes care of the generated environmental sounds. Choose the preset, day or night, the intensity and the weather and DMDJ will take care of everything automatically.

Sounds will be generated ad-hoc and mixed with the proper amount of reverb according to each location. You can even hear the weather sounds changing from indoor to outdoor settings.


It’s the Dawn of Digital Storytelling


A new era

Storytelling will never be the same again, like everything else technology is evolving and mutating what we do in new and exciting ways!

Bewitch your players with beautifully crafted environments that fit any genre. From classic high fantasy to sci-fi and from modern and historical settings to Cthulhu and beyond. Add sound effects, weather and music and let the story begin.

Sound your story

DMDJ features tons of sound effects. Pick you favorites from a list of monsters, voices, weapons, spells, everyday sounds and much-much more.

Use audio, the ultimate tool, to enhance the already cool atmosphere you created and to highlight a strong moment in your story. Make your session unique and your players wanting to never end!



Music & Drama

Add drama, tension and invoke the deepest feelings of your players with our included soundtrack collection. Our unique music content covers all needed genres from epic fantasy to romantic sci-fi and beyond.

Make your sessions unforgettable and paint your stories with high quality music tracks that complement your setting and drive your audience to ecstatic moments of adventure!

It’s your world!

Dice Galore

Apart from the rest of the features, we also got you covered with any dice needs you may have. Make you own custom formulas, have a quick roll and check the statistics on the results, or even make you own custom die with up to 20 sides, add weighting to each side to favor some results and link a sound effect to the side that you like. Save all those to use anytime!



Never the same

Never the same! Under the hood, a sophisticated audio engine and a huge collection of sounds, together with cutting edge processing algorithms, make each sound unique each time that is played back. So you never hear the exact result again. Never. Period!

This technology simulates what naturally happens in reality, so your sessions will have a proper psychological immersion that will make you and your players forget reality and dive into the adventure.

Augment Reality

Reality doesn’t have to always be augmented with visuals. Sound is also a big part of our life. In some cases it’s even more important.

Augment your reality with DMDJ. Use it in parties, pen & paper sessions, even meetings with friends. Are you telling a nice story to your kids? Or even a scary one to your friends. Take it to the next level with DMDJ!


Change the Game!

Get DMDJ and change your sessions forever!

User Quotes

This app is absolutely fantastic! It's the ONLY app of it's kind. I purchased 3 years ago, and the guys at Blueface games are STILL adding sounds and updates. If you run a tabletop game, you can add dimensions of immersion that would just be impossible otherwise.

Vikingbeast, on AppStore

After setting up my stereo system (7.1 Dolby THX) around the gaming room table, added ambient lighting and strobe effects for lightning with a 15'' remote subwoofer, the stage was set. My players were very impressed and commented this app helped make for an unforgettable game session.

BogSpores, on AppStore

This is a magnificent tool for every dm. Creates lively ambient atmosphere without limiting the player's imagination.
The sounds are of excellent quality and indeed this is NOT a loop player.

iuztheoldone, on Amazon Store

Exactly what we needed to add atmosphere to our games. Tons on sounds, ambience and music! Recommended for RPG and tabletop gamers.

Mom 'n Pop, on AppStore

Simply the best thing you could wish for. Quality is sick, details impressing.

netterKalle, on AppStore

I love DMDJ, it lets me add so much depth to my sessions. I ran a game just last night and the players were immediately immersed in the market due to the sound effects and music tracks I was able to combine in the app.

Daemon9623, on AppStore

A new era for your players will start with this app. They will feel better the dungeon, forest, cave, town, etc. they're in. If you're a DM, you just need this app. It's a must have for you. Period. ps. Be sure to use a Hi-Fi sound system if you care about sound quality.

MuzafferB, on AppStore

I use this app for each one of my Gaming Sessions. The background noise, specifically the battle effects, really lend a hand in keeping everyone in the game.

Jeremy, on Amazon Store

Excellent, my players loved the ambiance. I usually ban tech on my table but I've made an exception for this app.

Felly4, on AppStore

Improves gaming SO much. Last quest was loads more immersive thanks to this app.

petersalter85, on AppStore