We are so proud for our new logo here at Blueface Games.

Take a look at the top of the website, there it is!

But before we tell you about our new logo, let’s first review the history behind it, how we approached our logo creation process and what we achieved.

Our first logo came from an accidental concept that was really made for fun from a great artist and good friend Artamantium. This image wasn’t made for a logo, it was just a quick drawing that we used to test some texture features in Unity, back in the day. That was the first drawing we used a concept:


After that, we started experimenting with another friend of ours and also a great artist, Nick Deligaris. Together with Nick, we created various iterations that served our vision back then, to have a playful and kind of prankster aesthetic with a blue face that looks a little crazy.

We started with the notion that we should have our logo on top of spilled blue paint. By the way we choose blue because we like the color and it is also one of the 2 main colors of our nation’s flag, blue and white. This is what we started with:


Later on we added a more proper face, in the style of finger painting upon the spilled paint, with a touch of calligraphy added to the style.


But this wasn’t crazy enough, so we started putting some elements form the original concept to our new design.


Now, this was looking great, but we wanted to add more “craziness”. So we tweaked the right eye a little off. See the difference? More crazy right?


Now we had to find the font that would go perfectly with our logotype. Some suggestions were initially made.


And we concluded to the final design, that served our brand well for about our 3 to 4 first years. This was the first version of our logo:


And the years passed and we got wiser (we like to think that), and our ideas changed. We wanted to lead on our brand to a more sophisticated territory on game development and digital entertainment. Our beloved logo, wasn’t serving our purposes any more. So we decided to move on to a new version.

We wanted a more serious look that communicates our vision more clearly.

We started off with a new concept, taken from the Moai Heads of the Easter Island. Here is a mood-board with pictures that we made for the new concept:


Based on those pictures we made a simple cutout, keeping the vector shapes that give the look we wanted.


Then we turned over to Urchin New Media, to help us design our new logo. They returned us some nice conceptual designs that while keeping to our concept, brought out a more serious look. This is a small sample of those designs:


After reviewing various designs and alternative versions of multiple iterations, we started philosophizing again, on what which values our logo should focus.


What we had in mind was to combine the solidity of the Moai Heads of the Easter Island, with the wisdom of a Buddhist Monk and the ferocity of a Samurai Warrior (preferably Miyamoto Musashi). And that is what was done.


If you take a closer look, the stature and base of the head in our logo is similar to the Moai, the ears and nose area resembles the statues of monks in middle ages China and the eyes and forehead have a strong warrior like quality.

We also made a lot of tests to find a font that matches our new logo and doesn’t break the aesthetic. And this is what we finally concluded:


Our logo is not just a nice concept, it tells a story, the story of our team.

Having strong roots, evolving with wisdom and kindness protected by a warrior ethos, our team is facing the future of development in harmony with everything else.

We would like to thank from our heart, all the artists and friends that helped us communicate our vision and support our brand, for the beautiful work they’ve done, converting our thoughts to amazing design and visual art.

Panagiotis Kouvelis

About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis is the founder and leader of Blueface Games. With a background in computer media programming, creative media production and sound design, he leads our projects from ideation to finalization and beyond.