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YogaDJ | Blueface Games
YogaDJ is a Premium Ambiance Procedural Sound Generator and Session Timer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads.

Do you like listening to various environmental sounds while meditating, contemplating or just working?

YogaDJ apart from being a beautiful timer for your yoga, meditation or creative sessions, also offers you a new and highly sophisticated audio engine that recreates environments in a procedural way, so they are never repetitive.

Practice your Yoga, Meditate in Harmony, exercise your Pilates, perform you Katas and forms, contemplate your thoughts and actions, work on your creative projects or just relax and enjoy in the comfort of your home or working environment by just listening to those beautiful and never repetitive natural ambience sounds, created from recordings from all over the world.

Set your timer to the session duration and interval duration and choose the symbol and ringtone of your choice and start your session. You can also set YogaDJ to suffle the natural sounds automatically each interval cycle.

On top of everything we give you the option to hear some great inspirational quotes from Confucius, Dalai Lama, Buddha and even Bruce Lee, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and many others. This can help you get a different perspective on the things you are contemplating.

Premium timer for yoga sessions, meditation or creative work.
Highly sophisticated audio playback engine. Read more... Smooth transition between high quality sounds, randomized environmental sound and true high end game engine, for the best audio playback possible on iOS. This is a first in mobile audio, as we used true hi-end gaming audio programming, in order to provide you with the best possible audio experience, exactly the same used in next-gen desktop computer games.
Famous quotes narration track option, easily give your thought a different perspective.
Compelling graphics.
Premium timer for yoga sessions, meditation or creative work. Read more... Enjoy the beautifully made graphical interface, featuring intuitive colors and a fast easy-for-the-eyes arrangement, with proper contrast.
Fast and intuitive interface. Everything is one touch away.
A dedicated team of sound designers and musicians that will update the content over time. Read more... That way you will always have new sounds that will feed your imagination and help you create beautiful sessions of meditation, self-awareness and creativity.
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