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DMDJ | Blueface Games
Friends, Storytelling, Characters, Adventure...
Is it enough?

Can it be more fun?


DMDJ will take you role playing sessions to the next level. Immerse into sound, bring your stories to life.

Hearing is Believing!

Have you ever considered how it would be like if your Pen & Paper Role Playing Games sessions had picture and sound? Well, we did and we decided that the visual part can and should be left in your fantasy, while sounds may enhance your gaming experience!

Featuring a sophisticated audio engine that makes every sound unique and never repetitive, DMDJ turns every Dungeon Master into a perfect session DJ. With a finger touch on your iPhone you can recreate a vast amount of environmental sounds that will spice up your sessions and indulge your party into the world you have created for them.

You may also choose between three different power modes and, for example, switch from a soft rain to a huge thunderstorm. Among other features, you also have the option of day-night transition through a simple selection button. Spoil your players with powerful sound effects specifically designed to spread agony and fear and ameliorate their adventurous mood and constant seek for glory!

Apart from helping you to set up the appropriate atmosphere for the perfect session, we have focused on relieving the burden of dice rolling each storyteller as well as the players themselves are obliged to conduct.  Therefore, DMDJ comes also with a powerful and advanced dice system that can be completely customized to your needs. Roll quick dices or create your own dices and formulas with one touch and forget about adding up results and endless rolling. Even the most complicated dice throw is one touch away while you can trust our random generated results, just like the real dices!

All environmental sounds you may need. Read more... Content will be updated in a regular basis, our sound designers are working hard to bring new content for you with each update. No in-app purchases, you buy once and get all updates of content for free, for ever. And trust us, we will be making sounds for a long time.
Highly sophisticated audio engine. Read more... Turns every role playing session into a unique experience. Using your smartphone or tablet, create a vast amount of sounds that will spice up your sessions and indulge your party into the world you have created for them. Using a true next-gen audio game engine on the back-end, this will give you and your party, the same audio experience of modern computer games.
Fast and intuitive interface. Read more... Everything is one touch away (or two, for the more advanced options), using a smart system for editing and recalling presets. Did we mentioned the beautiful graphics? All created with usability in mind, with correct contrast and color coding, this will be easy to learn and easier to handle while in session.
Additional tools for dice rolling. Read more... Quick dice provides you with fast dice access. Custom dice allows you to create your own dices (East, West, North, South, Yes, No etc.). Finally, Advanced Formulas allow the DM to create any combination of dices and bonuses. Best of all, you create your presets once before your session, you store them and them use them easily with one touch f your finger.
We hear You. Read more... Yes, we are all ears, we believe on developing applications, that grow together with our users.The community's opinion and suggestions will help us grow DMDJ, to an application that will be made from you - for you. We already did our research on how to design this app from respected DMs around the globe. We are looking forward to hear any suggestion or great idea you may have, and if applicable, to integrate it inside DMDJ, making it the coolest app for RPG ever made. We also have our personal plans for the future of DMDJ, and things are looking great. We have a great team of developers, fueled with caffeine and passion, the future is just another barrier to break for us!
Many professional music tracks included. Read more... We teamed up with Panozk Audio Development team, not only to give you AAA sound effects and environmental sound design, but also to include for your pleasure and fun, many music tracks to use as a sound track for your sessions. Do you think the Haunted Forest preset is scary using the Night mode at High Intensity setting? Try adding a music track from the Horror Ambiance category. Now we're talking!
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