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Meet Blueface Games, a team of geeks, gamers and rocket scientists, who craft fun with passion. Browse below, to find more about the people responsible for the games and applications you have.
The Scientist
The idea person, the one who’s behind our R&D secret operations and, most importantly, the person responsible for all our games and applications.

Outside working hours: Being a huge fun of anything related to sound, the Scientist’s next experiment involves trying to incorporate sound into food, so he can literally “taste” new sounds.

The Manager
Every time he plays Monopoly, he wish he could play as the bank. Apart from this, this guy makes sure that the right products go to the right people, at the right price. He also makes sure that our bank account is on the positive side, and we can keep on providing you with new, fun applications.

Outside working hours: Studying, writing…the “outside working hours” part of the day is really small.

The Coder
“Program received signal: EXC_BAD_ACCESS – Great, that’s two more hours of work!” Caring little about things other than code and his bass guitar, the Coder is responsible for the highly – sophisticated back – end mechanism of most of our games and applications.

Outside working hours: He prefers playing bass and writing jokes in binary – well, that’s all we know about him…

The Artist
He is the reason you can see some nice graphics instead of endless lines of code by the Coder. The Artist transcribes the Scientist’s visions into solid ideas and then merges them with The Coder’s’ coding,

Outside working hours: When not drawing for work, the Artist has several hobbies, including…well, the arts in general.